Hedgelaying is an environmentally friendly technique of hedgerow management.  Once layered the hedge provides an impenetrable barrier to sheep, cattle and humans. It also provides a haven for other wildlife.

The working period for hedgelaying and maintenance runs from October to the end of March.  Regular trimming will sustain your hedge for up to 50 years.

All Hazel stakes and Heatherings are supplied and any waste is chipped or burnt depending on site suitability.

Call us for a free survey to see if your hedge is suitable.

1 Response to Hedgelaying

  1. Jane Davies says:

    I drive along the Kenilworth Road through Balsall Common weekly and it has been a great pleasure to me to observe the hedgelayering byt Paul Sinton .I am sure it will continue to uplift my spirit when I pass this wonderful craft on route to work. Thank-you for your artistry and I hope more landowners will take up this service.

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